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  1. srcoscar says:

    wow its working prefectly, but the account ive choosen, is about to renew in 19th jan 2018, will it exist as a premuim account after 19th jan, or it will become a non-premium account again?

  2. Peter Michael says:

    Hello admin I got two files after extracting it file is text file has accounts two is 1 mb file it doesn’t have extension can’t open how to open it.
    User name doesn’t exit I tried 8 accounts with their pass i didn’t find working one.

  3. Alix says:

    Ok, so I download the file in the – “Spotify Premium Accounts Hack 2018” – link . And I end up with a file called “[PiratePC.Net]x1253.Spotify”.
    But I can’t open it or do anything with it. It’s a (.&_40) file.

    I changed it into a .txt file and then opened it. I see a lot of weird things and then a bunch of emails. Is this the free accounts? But even so, I still can’t open it with the Spotify Account Checker.

    Help please!

  4. Alix says:

    I have liked your YouTube page but I see no download links displayed..??
    If you have a moment, please read my problem I posted in this thread (as one can’t copy / paste). I only get a weird (.&_40) file when downloading the Premium Accounts Hack.

  5. babu says:

    thanks………….. love it

  6. babu says:


  7. Jeremy says:

    Hi Admin, I scanned all the 917 accounts.
    All of their subscription are “free”, none of them are premium account.

    Please update, thanks.

  8. raja says:

    Bro plzz add more new accounts. All accounts are dead now

  9. RA93 says:

    thanks bro its work

  10. x1y2z3 says:

    thx piratepc

    its worked!

  11. req says:

    Couldn’t get any. Please send me one? Thanks!

  12. Precy says:

    Same here. Couldn’t any premium accounts. Hoping for an update.

  13. muhammad jamil says:

    Thanks for sharing such a great article with us. This surely helps me in my work. Thanks a lot.

  14. DEATHGOD says:

    I got a free account, am I allowed to change it’s email and password and use it as my own?
    Is there any danger or so?
    geographical restriction does not allow to make spotify accounts in my country.

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