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23 Comments on “x3959 Spotify Premium Accounts Are Here ! (Aug-2020)”

  1. Hi Admin, I scanned all the 917 accounts.
    All of their subscription are “free”, none of them are premium account.

    Please update, thanks.

  2. I have liked your YouTube page but I see no download links displayed..??
    If you have a moment, please read my problem I posted in this thread (as one can’t copy / paste). I only get a weird (.&_40) file when downloading the Premium Accounts Hack.

  3. Ok, so I download the file in the – “Spotify Premium Accounts Hack 2018” – link . And I end up with a file called “[PiratePC.Net]x1253.Spotify”.
    But I can’t open it or do anything with it. It’s a (.&_40) file.

    I changed it into a .txt file and then opened it. I see a lot of weird things and then a bunch of emails. Is this the free accounts? But even so, I still can’t open it with the Spotify Account Checker.

    Help please!

  4. Hello admin I got two files after extracting it file is text file has accounts two is 1 mb file it doesn’t have extension can’t open how to open it.
    User name doesn’t exit I tried 8 accounts with their pass i didn’t find working one.

  5. wow its working prefectly, but the account ive choosen, is about to renew in 19th jan 2018, will it exist as a premuim account after 19th jan, or it will become a non-premium account again?

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